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Here's a collection of organic Instagram content I've created for the Perrier USA account

 My Role: Junior Copywriter

Holiday Instagram story, where the user tapped through five frames to "unwrap" the gift of a limited edition Perrier can


An organic post for Pride, where we used the insight that Pride is all about championing your own label. We used the iconic Perrier "P" to pair with different adjectives.

Post copy: "No matter the label you choose, make it extraordinaire"


Organic posts for Pschitt UGC content series. This series was created by Tarahgee Morris and myself as a way to make User-Generated Content of Perrier more engaging by adding the Perrier Pschitt sound as a graphic treatment to the photo, sometimes as a gif.

Post 1 copy: "If you choose Perrier as your drink of choice, you've won summer. Game, set, match."

Post 2 copy: "If you don't think Perrier if the perfect summer drink, you need to get your head out of the clouds."

Post 3 copy: "Will you accept this Perrier for better or for thirst?"

Organic Posts for the Content Series Thirsty Thursday

Post 1 copy: "This Sparkling Cucumber Margarita is basically a salad, right? Asking for a friend..."

Post 2 copy: "This #Friendsgiving, a Perrier Grapefruit cocktail is perfect for complaining about how everyone from high school is engaged"

Post 3 copy: "Witch please. What's Halloween without a Perrier L'Orange Potion"

Organic Posts for the Content Series More the Perrier which focuses on Perrier in abundance

Post 1 copy: "Drink it all in. Literally"

Post 2 copy: "Drinking Perrier is always a cause for celebration"

Post 3 copy: "Don't talk to me unless your fridge looks like this"

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