In the tenth grade, I met Jill from the reality TV show Dance Moms in a Macy's. 

She showed me at least seventeen videos of her daughter dancing, and I thought to myself: "Wow, I hope one day I can be passionate about something the way Jill from Dance Moms is passionate about her daughter dancing on a reality show."

Well, it only took me ten years, but I finally found my "Jill from Dance Moms" passion. After way too much time spent watching The Real Housewives and frying my hair with boxed drugstore bleach, I discovered that my love for pop culture and all things trashy and low brow makes me a perfect fit for the big wide world of advertising.

Want to talk which brands are oh-so hilarious on TikTok or debate which fast food franchise is the best bang for your buck? I'm down for either. (The right answer to both questions is Chipotle by the way.) Shoot me an email and I'll respond almost immediately because having a little red bubble on top of my mail app makes me anxious.

You can reach me at

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