In Spring 2017, The Daily Orange was approached by Snapchat to create their own Discover Publisher story. Since then, I ran the story for The Daily Orange for over a year, and I caught the Snapchat bug, so I worked at Vertical Networks in Summer 2018 writing for Brother, a sex & lifestyle Snapchat Publisher story for 13-24 year-old boys (the amount of times I had to google "average penis size" was ridiculous.) Check out some of my favorite stories from both The D.O. and Brother below.

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0:00 - The Daily Orange: Theta Tau coverage, SU bar scene & more
1:43 - The Daily Orange: Chick-fil-A opening, Alma mater trivia & more
3:43 - Brother: Nerd's Guide To Drinking Games
5:48 - Brother: What Was The Hottest Tech The Year You Were Born?

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