The Task

At Vertical Networks, I worked on Brother, a lifestyle Snapchat Discover Story aimed towards men ages 13-25. Here are some Story concepts I pitched and that aired on the channel.

My Role: Concepted/pitched series, wrote copy, oversaw production

Two Truths & A Liar: Virgins

Three contestants, one of them is lying. Can you figure out who it is before the story ends? Some highlights below ⬇️

What Was The Hottest Tech The Year You Were Born?

What was the best seller at Best Buy when you entered the world? We took you back in tech time. Some highlights ⬇️

The Nerd's Guide to Drinking Games

No one sits you down and explains basic drinking games to you, making those first couple house parties kinda awkward. Don't worry, we've got your back with the red solo cup game basics. Some highlights ⬇️ 

Want to watch more? View the 3 stories in their entirety here. (I know you want to know which tech was popular when you were born...)
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