Banter: Love Every Part of You.

Banter (formally known as Piercing Pagoda, you know those kiosks in every mall ever) came to Red Antler to capture brand spots, as well as a spot highlighting their body piercing offerings. We produced 3 distinct :30s, plus a suite of images. This campaign highlighted every individual's favorite parts of themselves, especially the parts you can adorn with Banter jewelry. 

Art Director: Olivia Ewing

Producer: Nadya Grace

Creative Directors: Alex DiBucci + Chad Powell

Spot promoting alllllllll the body piercings you can get at Banter. We literally list them all out.

Our Summer/Fall spot. Highlights include convincing one of our talent to shave his head on camera and the cutest dog you'll ever see.

Our Spring spot. Come for the gorg jewelry, stay for the skateboarding.

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