Perrier: Make Dry Fly

Perrier knows Dry January, a month long alcohol-free challenge, is tough. We saw an opportunity to own the challenge, which few brands in the U.S. were doing. So during Dry Jan, we'll be all over Twitter giving you some serious motivation to keep on keeping on, all month long.

Art Director(s): Kristen Mizushima + Jamar Callander

Creative Director: Reid Masimore

The Hashtag & Promoted Trend

We created the hashtag #MakeDryFly as a way to convey that Dry January isn’t only easy with Perrier, it can be fun as well. We started the month with a promoted trend, and I wrote a copy bank of over 40 tweets. Despite some people thinking the trend was about fly fishing (who knew?) we still had positive interactions with fans.


Organic Content

In addition to our paid media, we also had ongoing organic content during the month. We took popular meme & tweet formats and Perrier-fied them. Organic tweets during January improved engagement by up to 200% Here’s some of my favorites:

Heart to Remind

We also had a Heart to Remind Tweet Series, where users who liked our tweet would receive a surprise motivational message sometime later in the month. Unbeknownst to them, that tweet would happen on January 17th, the day when people are most likely to stop Dry January. For these videos, I pitched concepts for six 6-second videos, helped direct the talent on set and worked with the green screen editor to help create the world.

These are the three Tweets making up the Heart to Remind series. After liking the first, they'll immediately be served the second, and be served the third on the 17th of January.

Tweet 1 copy: "💚 this tweet for a surprise motivational message later this month. Think Dry January will be lame? Not on our watch. Perrier’s going to #MakeDryFly"

Tweet 2 copy: "[@handle] Thanks for the 💚, now you’re ready to crush Dry January. Forget skipping happy hours or staying in on Friday. With Perrier in your hand, you’re going to #MakeDryFly Keep an eye out for a motivational tweet later this month."

Tweet 3 copy: "[@handle] Quitter’s Day? We don’t know her. Most people quit Dry January today, but you’re not most people. Here’s your #MakeDryFly reminder to keep on slaying, owning and dominating Dry January. You’ve got this!"

Other promoted tweets using other 6 second videos we created.

Tweet 1 copy: "Walking through Dry January with no problems like… Follow us for #MakeDryFly content all month long"

Tweet 2 copy: "Dancing because you’re killing Dry January? Biggest of moods. Follow us for #MakeDryFly content all month long"

Tweet 3 copy: "Quitter’s Day? Cancelled. You won’t quit Dry January when you #MakeDryFly"

Here are the 6 six-second videos we created for the campaign. We also used these in organic content.


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